Dear Colleague,

After thoughtful considerations and due to the escalating concerns related to the spread of coronavirus, the BMMC meeting planned for September 2020 has been rescheduled to Spring 2021.

The BMMC2020 committee is now evaluating the exact new date and the next steps to take. Information about the date along with all the other changes that may necessarily occur, will be disseminated through this website and via email.

At this regard, we encourage you to sign up for the alerts in order to stay tuned about any news regarding the BMMC.

We thank you and the entire BMMC community for understanding the difficulty of this decision and for your commitment to the success of this conference.

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Local Organizing committee

  • Prof. Cristina DE CASTRO
  • Prof. Alba SILIPO
  • Prof. Antonio MOLINARO
  • Dr. Immacolata SPECIALE
  • Dr. Flaviana DI LORENZO
  • YES Meet

International and Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Katarzyna DUDA (Germany)
  • Andrzej GAMIAN (Poland)
  • Otto HOLST, Honorary President of Napoli BMMC (Germany)
  • Zbigniew KACZYNSKI (Poland)
  • Yuriy KNIREL (Russia)
  • Stefan ORSCARSON (Ireland)
  • Mikael SKURNIK (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Alla ZAMYATINA (Austria)