5. Prof. Adamo


  Prof. Roberto Adamo,  GSK, IT
 "Microbial Glycans in Vaccines"


 4. Prof. Fukase


  Prof. Koichi Fukase, Osaka University, JP
 "Synthetic Strategies in Microbial Glycans"


 3. Prof. Guerin


 Prof. Marcelo Guerin, IIS-BioCruces, ES
 "Structural Basis of Glycan Diversity"


 6. Prof. Oscarson


  Prof. Stephan Oscarson, University College Dublin, IE
 "Identification of the Protective Epitopes
in Cryptococcus neoformans CPSs


 Prof. Whitfield   Prof. Chris Whitfield,  University of Guelph, CA
 "Biosynthesis of Microbial Glycans"